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Molecular formula: C7H6O
Molecular weight: 106.12
CAS RN: 100-52-7
Structural formula:

Appearance and properties:  pure product is colorless liquid, industrial product is colorless or light yellow liquid. 
Boiling point:  179℃
Freezing point:  -26℃
Relative density:  (water=1):1.04;(air=1):3.66
Solubility:  slightly soluble in water, soluble in benzene, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether and trichloromethane
Flash point: 64℃
Autoignition temperature: 192℃
Hazardous characteristics:  there is the risk of burning in contact with high temperature, open flame or oxidizer. 
Stability:  stable.

1 Pharmaceutical intermediate
2 In preparing edible essence
3 In manufacturing pesticides
4 A small amount for the daily use chemical essence and tobacco flavor
5 In manufacturing dye intermediates
6 As solvent and low temperature lubricant
7 Diversified manufacturing 
8 In preparing perfume compound for soap and edible essence

Packing, storage and transportation
Packing:  200KG/plastic drum, nitrogen protection
Storage:  keep in cool and well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from sunlight, fire and heat sources. Keep sealed and separate from oxidizing agents during operation. 
Transportation: handle with care. 

Quality standard of benzaldehyde

Our benzaldehyde accord with following standards and meets the special requirements of clients.


 Specification (Top Grade)

Specification (First Grade)


colorless transparent liquid

 colorless transparent liquid

 Purity ()     ≥



 Color (Hazen)



Density (20 kg/m3)



Acidity (as benzoic acid)



Chloride (%)



Water solubility (1:30)



Refractive index (ηD20)



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