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Iron red oil anti-rust paint

3、Iron red oil anti-rust paint

Product presentation:It is a dry vegetable oil antirust primer.Use iron oxide red pigment, paint film adhesion is good, relatively fast dry, convenient construction.
Recommended Applications:Suitable for use as a primer on the surface of manually treated steel structures in mildly to moderately corrosive environments.
Physical parameter:
       Color                 Iron red
    Flash point              31℃
    Solid content             47%
    Specific gravity        1.36㎏/L
    Theoretical coverage   8.63㎡/㎏(as 40un Dry film calculation)
Surface treatment:The sand blast derusting surface of steel parts reaches Sa2.5 level or the mechanical derusting surface reaches ST3 level.The surface roughness reaches 30 ~ 70 microns.
It is suggested to do small area test first. If there is any problem, please consult our technical service engineer for other substrate surfaces to remove oil and keep them dry and clean before painting.
Execution conditions:The construction surface must be clean and dry with a relative humidity of less than 80% and a temperature of more than 3℃ higher than the dew point to avoid condensation.Ventilation is necessary during construction and drying in confined Spaces.
Construction parameters:
Construction methods        airless spraying     air spraying      brush coating
                                             thinner             thinner             thinner
                     (MAX,Mass)    5%             15%~20%            5%
                   Intake pressure  0.3~0.6MPa     0.3~0.6MPa   
                  Nozzle pressure         15MPa
Drying time:Factors such as ventilation, temperature, paint film thickness, and number of coating tracks all affect drying time. The typical data listed in the table below are based on the following conditions:
*Good ventilation (outdoor or natural air circulation)
*The film thickness is measured in 40 microns
*Single layer of coating on an inert substrate

  Substrate temperature       0℃     5℃     10℃     23℃     40℃
     Dry to tough(h)            6        4        2        1.0          0.5
       Dry through (h)             72      36       24       18          12
     Minimum coating time(h)  72      36       24       18          12   
     Maximum coating time1(d)
        There is no silting and other contaminants on the coating surface. If necessary, remove the silting layer with sandpaper and fluff it before coating.
The above data are for guidance only.The actual drying time/time interval before coating can be long or short, depending on paint film thickness, ventilation, humidity, underpainting, early loading and unloading requirements and mechanical strength, etc.
Supporting:Y53-32 iron red oil anti-rust paint: 2×40 microns (dry film thickness)
C04-42 colored alkyd enamel: 2×30 micron (dry film thickness)
Other supporting facilities can be formulated according to specific conditions
Storage:According to HG/T2458, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated, cool and cool environment away from fire and heat source. The effective storage period is one year.After the storage period, it can be tested according to the items specified in this standard. If the results meet the requirements, it can still be used.
Package:The 16-liter container load 16 kilograms
Safe:The general measures for the use of this product are
(a) take appropriate precautions to avoid contact with paint on the skin and eyes (e.g. wear gloves)
Eyepiece, mask, protective oil, etc.
(b) maintain good ventilation.
(c) if the skin is contaminated with paint, apply soap or an appropriate industrial cleanser and a large amount of cleansing
Rinse water.
(d) as these products contain flammable substances, they should be kept away from the source of fire and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
(e) comply with the safety instructions as shown in the paint.
Please refer to our company's
"Safety specification"

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