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Benzyl alcohol
Molecular formula: C7H8O
Molecular weight: 108.14
CAS No.: 100-51-6
Structural formula: 

Appearance and properties:  colorless transparent liquid with a little aromatic odor, burning flavor and bitter almond flavor. 
Boiling point:  205.4℃
Freezing point: -15.3℃
Flash point: 100℃ (closed cup), 104℃ (open cup)
Spontaneous ignition point:  435℃
Density:  1.0455 (D20℃)
Refractive index:  1.5395 (ηD20℃)  
Solubility: soluble in water at the proportion of 1:30, easily soluble in alcohol, ether and trichloromethane. 

Benzyl alcohol is an excellent medium boiling solvent that is mainly used in: 
1 Modification of solvent of epoxy resin and curing agent 
2 Epoxy coating, terrace, electrical equipment, electricity, embedment, adhesive, and epoxy accessories
3 Medicine synthesis and solvent, preservative of ointment or liquid
4 Photographic developer, detergent, organic glass solvent, lens colorant
5 Meat food printing oil, ball-point pen oil solvent and ink solvent
6 Fixing agent, indispensable spice for preparing fragrances, fragrance for preparing soap and cosmetics 
7 Plasticizer in textile printing and dyeing auxiliary

Storage, packing and transportation 
Storage:  keep in sealed container in cool and dry place
Packing: packing material: galvanized drum or steel drum, or at the request of clients
Net weight: 200kg/drum, 210kg/drum. 1000kg/drum, 1050kg/drum
Transportation: Avoid strong vibration, exposure, high temperature and fireworks during transportation 

Quality standard

Customized products can be produced at the request of clients: 



Perfumery Grade


colorless transparent liquid

     colorless transparent liquid

Color (Hazen)



Benzaldehyde content (PPM)

≤ 300.00

≤ 100.00

Purity ()

≥ 99.95


Density (20℃ kg/m3)



Acidity (as benzoic acid  )  

≤ 0.10

≤ 0.05

Chloride (PPM)   

≤ 50

No Detected

Water solubility (1:30)



Moisture ()



Refractive index (ηD20)



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